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Thrilling, riveting, nail-biting, all that and more were components of the recently concluded African E-Sports Ranking Challenge Cup (AER). The 2 week tournament came to an end on 10th November 2021. The community witnessed over 40 teams from the Swiss League to knockouts battling out for the prize pool of $100.

The favourites, Cyclone Gaming came out on top undoubtedly to bag the win of the well contested tournament. Elyte Gamers finished second and the third place position was awarded to Hydra for all round amazing performances. It is no news about the greatness of BG’s gameplay and for that he won the award of the MVP of the tournament, behind him were Daddyfang and Obito in that order.

The AER tournament executives thanked the moderators, managers, players and the entire community for the participation and support in the event. Special thanks to Motherland Gaming TV for the brilliant streams on YouTube.

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