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CLATTER OF CLANS AT 2 – The journey So far


The clatter of clans is a periodic PUBG mobile tournament by Unsullied army, introduced to promote the esports industry in the African space. It was initially called The Clash of clans prior to a rebrand that aimed to better represent the organization and uniqueness of the competition. The new name took effect in the 3rd season which took place in November 2020.

clatter of clans

Established in June 2020, The clatter of clans will be two next month and has gone through 11 seasons, presently running the 12th. An interview was conducted with Jesse, the founder of Unsullied Army, and here’s what he had to say.

Q: Please Introduce yourself

A: I’m Jesse Soala Moses-Febo, My in-game name is ua×JeSSe. My nickname is Infamous Bot or The Infamous Bot, anyone. It’s a gaming nickname. I’m the Founder and Leader of Unsullied Army.

Q: Did you also introduce the Clatter of Clans?

A: I introduced and started Clatter Of Clans which I’ve been running all these while with my staff who are part of a Committee I chair/head. The staff isn’t fixed in the sense that sometimes I relieve some people and bring in new people. The Committee is made up of Administrators (who are my board members) and Moderators (who are staff).

Q: How did it begin?

A: It began shortly after I conducted an Internal Clan Competition for my PUBG Mobile Clan Members (Clan is like a term to classify a family and it’s a known term in PUBG Mobile), it was after I had conducted this twice that I decided that I could do something bigger that could involve other Clans within the community.

Q: What’s the interval for COC seasons

A: The Tournament takes place every 2 months and lasts for 15 days, so the interval is roughly 45 days.

Q: Compared to the first season, what will you say has improved?

A: The competition has definitely improved, and our organization and management as well have improved. 

Q: What has the growth been like in regards to teams?

A: We started the tournament with Nigerian Teams alone and fully extended to Sub Saharan Africa in Season Three, ever since then we’ve been growing across other Sub Saharan African regions. 

Q: What have been the challenges so far and how has it been overcome?

A: The biggest challenge has been sponsorship followed by viewership, we’ve always done our best to push the tournament out however the support level isn’t always promising regardless we don’t relent. 

Q: What impact would you say the COC has on gamers presently?

A: COC has always been one of the most open and consistent competition in the PUBG Mobile Esports Scene and a lot of teams often look up to participating both big and small. 

Q: How do you see the Clatter of clans in the next two years for instance, what impact would it have?

A: We’d still be just as consistent, we intend to get bigger and better and hopefully extend the tournament to other Mobile gaming Esports Scenes. 

Q: What have been the major achievements?

A: Our major achievement has been our consistency, it’s been a form of signature which can’t be erased.

The current season kicked off on the 1st of May and will round off on the 15th with a prize pool of 150USD. This season’s official casters include Princewill Ezeokoye (Aries), Tony Egbo (Fire), Rikuz Maritz (Enigma) from South Africa, and Jawad Adisa (Crownz).

They’re currently on the third stage, and the final standings have Horz Esports, Astra Africa, and Mad Knight ranking 1st, 2nd and 3rd on the list with their total points as 140, 113, and 99 respectively.

We congratulate Unsullied Army for their relentless efforts in popularizing and encouraging esports in Nigeria and Africa in general. Connect with Clatter of Clans on Instagram and Twitter. You could also subscribe to Jesse’s YouTube channel.

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