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Cxmmunity Chess Rankings Challenge 2024


Chess, the timeless game of strategy and intellect, has found a vibrant and competitive new home in the digital realm with the advent of the Cxmmunity Chess Rankings Challenge. Whether you’re a casual player seeking relaxation or a serious competitor hungry for victory, this event promises an exciting and dynamic platform for all chess enthusiasts. The CXM Discord beckons you to join the ranks, declare your chess prowess, and engage in daily and weekly challenges to ascend the leaderboard

Cxmmunity Chess Rankings


To embark on this thrilling chess journey, interested players are invited to register in the free to play tournament on the CXM Discord and declare their chess ratings. The cxmmunity accommodates players of all skill levels, categorizing them based on their proficiency to ensure fair and balanced competition.

This categorization sets the stage for daily and weekly challenges that will determine the rankings within each skill tier. Registration is currently ongoing and is set to close Wednesday 21st February, 2024.


The heart of the CXM Chess Rankings Challenge lies in the daily and weekly challenges that players can undertake to climb the leaderboard. To initiate a challenge, participants need only drop a challenge message on Discord, and opponents can accept by simply acknowledging the invitation.

Points are awarded to both the winner and the accepting player, fostering a spirit of sportsmanship and encouragement within the cxmmunity. Winning a challenge earns a player 3 points. The losing player receives 1 point for accepting the challenge. Challenge begins on Friday 23rd of February, 2024.


After the first two weeks of intense competition, the top 8 players in each category qualify for the monthly chess competitions. The format and schedule of these competitions may vary, adding an element of anticipation to the cxmmunity’s chess calendar. The qualifying rounds not only showcase the skill of the participants but also set the stage for an even more intense battle for supremacy.


For those eager to embark on this chess adventure, the first step is to visit and register on the CXM Discord. Once there, players can declare their chess ratings and join the vibrant cxmmunity of fellow chess enthusiasts. The platform’s user-friendly interface facilitates challenge initiation and acceptance, making it easy for participants to engage in thrilling battles of wits.

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