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List of esports organizations in nigeria (Part 1).


Esports organizations are made up of different professional players who are contracted to compete and win different games in which they specialize in with monetary gains attached as prizes.

Just like the regular sport players, these individuals make up a team and are involved in practicing and competing in their various games, ranging from shooters to trivia players and the likes, these organizations also provide an avenue to compete by organizing tournaments or leagues, they also provide platforms for fans to watch the game as each year a number of tournament or leagues are organized which lead to a final event with different prizes majorly cash prizes being put up for grabs.

Just like many other countries, Nigeria has been seen to follow the emerging trend on Esports as steps are being taken at the government level and by private individuals to capitalize on it, some private organizations have taken up the responsibility of creating and sourcing a central data base as well as hosting and organizing esports competitions  In the country and within other African states, below are some of these esports organizations.


Playarone is an esport organization which connects gamers across different consoles, PC’s and mobile devices which enable gamers play their favorite video 

esports organization

games and earn cash prizes. It is totally free to use and has no subscription attached at the moment, although gamers are required to have an online ID in most cases to have access to the games on the site. Playarone is available to play on PlayStation, Xbox, PC band mobile devices.

You can check them out on their website for more information.


Elyte gamers was founded by an 18 year old Nigerian, Haechi Dezyray Carl in December 2019. He started Elyte gamers with a PUBG mobile roaster then moved to COMD which they have greatly influenced both in Nigeria and Africa at large.

They believe in Nigeria’s huge potential and look forward to increasing the growth of esports within the country and its continent. They also have teams in COD and plan to expand to Apex legends mobile once it’s released. They have won different leagues and tournaments and require ones familiarity with professional gaming before you can be granted access to join Elyte Gamers. Check them out on Instagram via


TECHPLUS is one of the leading Esports company in Nigeria with a community of over 60,000 gamers. They have been involved in organizing 40 gaming tournaments across seven cities in Africa, and provide access to mobile and PC games. They also provide local support and encourage community development. They are located at Ikeja GRA Lagos Nigeria and can be reached via Instagram through


Chop Up, a division of Pledge51 is also one of the leading esports companies in Nigeria, incorporating the African culture in its games, with the hope of spicing up entertainment and fun. Among its collections are Monkey post; a street soccer on steroids, tear rubberacing game, etc. for more information and gaming options you can reach them via mail through


This is a video gaming company which provides amusement and entertainment in the form of an up to date video gaming experience. They offer latest video games such as PS3, X-box 360 and Nintendo for maximum entertainment and excitement. They are also available to lease video games and gaming equipments to individuals or groups looking forward to add gaming activities to their events. You can reach them on Instagram through


This is another Nigerian Esports organization which offers another level of entertainment with its imaginative and attractive game play.

At gamesole, there are games suitable for all ages, they also offer varieties of free online games in sports, puzzles, trivial, action etc. just like many other Nigerian esports organizations, their games are African themed and relate with the basic African Experiences. Among the varieties of the games they offer are seeet paradise and mama put, to learn more about these games and gamesole as a whole visit their website at


BISONPLAY is known for captivating and irresistible games and was founded by Tobias and Dave. The esports organization has also found a way to depict the Lagos lifestyle in its games as Nigerians are it’s major players. Their most popular game is Mr. Okada, a game in which a bike man faces different challenges on the streets of Lagos as he tries to make money to tend to his basic needs. The game draws players in and fills them with excitement as it’s easy to relate with. Visit their website for more information.


MALIYO games is also noted for incorporating the African experiences in its games and have been seen to create games infused with the African culture for mobile devices. Among their games are Whot King, a popular card game, Jungle escape, Kidnapped etc.

To find out more information about Maliyo games check them out on their website and on Instagram.


Edu Shola is a young Nigerian game developer who has created about 15 games since 2014. Having grown up with great affinity for games but access to none personally, he had to visit public Game Centers to watch others play. His first game, App rush was created to inform the public on how viruses can be contacted on the internet in order to change individual’s views that they cannot actually be contacted through the internet, another one of his popular games include the mobile game, Chike the sky raider. For more information, get across to them on Instagram through

  • Magic Carpet Studios 

Magic carpet studios is an Animation, illustration and game developing organization in Lagos, Nigeria. They built and designed the game Naija rush available on the App Store and Play store across all mobile devices. The game was designed to improve political participation among Nigerians while providing them with entertainment at the same time. Another notable game created by them is naijameter.

They also create beautiful stories through animations and have several series and movies available for download on their website and on Instagram

Note: This list was made in no particular order, rather, it was made to show light to Esports Organizations in Nigeria. The list continues in part 2.

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