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Win Amazing Cash Prizes Playing Ludo On MPL Pro!


MPL Pro, also known as Mobile Premier League Pro, is one of India’s biggest online gaming platforms that offers a wide range of games, including fantasy sports, casual games, and esports.

The platform allows players to play different games and earn real money while at it. 

MPL Pro recently introduced Ludo, a popular board game originating in India but has now spread to other parts of the world, gaining popularity, particularly in Africa.

The game is played with a board, a pair of dice and four tokens for each player. Over 1,300 Nigerian players have participated and won about 700 thousand naira from playing.

A player must move all of their tokens from their starting position to their home region before the other players do so in order to win the game, the higher your score, the higher your pay.


The game is currently available only on Androids with an OS 10 and above and can be downloaded here. With as little as 50 naira for a game, players pay with Carry1st and earn while playing these games then withdraw directly to their bank accounts when they’ve gotten a substantial amount.

User data and privacy is secured using optimal firewalls and their information while playing the game is securely protected. Players are connected to other players based on their skill level and so far there are only one on one matches.

There are leaderboards that come with special prizes for those who rank, there are also special weekend tournaments for higher prizes. 

The game is available to users above the age of 18 and you can download the app from the aforementioned link, register with your mobile number, choose to play for stakes or for free. You can also refer other people and earn money every time someone joins the app. 

Why play games for free when you can earn money while having fun? MPL Pro is a great way to win amazing cash prizes while playing your favorite games; click here to download the app and get started.

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