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Folk: New opportunity for Content Creators


Flok is a new platform that is being developed to help ease creators into web 3 while still maintaining the safety of web 2. The social platform is set to release beta launch this December, 2021and main launch next year, though at the moment Flok is getting creators to join their waitlist, one might say as an attempt to help creators secure their unique username/brand and also to get first hand information about flok as the platform was created for creators initially to help further digitalized and monetized their content by selling them as NFT.

We reached to Flok and asked if they could explain why creators should join Flok and what exactly does Flok mean, they replied;

What is Flok?

Flok is a social platform that allows creators to distribute, monetize and tokenize content. Flok
allows creators to not only make money from their content, but to drive growth, engagement and
community co-ownership through the tokenization of their content. The Flok product is divided
into the distribution layer ( The mobile app) and the tokenization layer (The NFT Marketplace).
You would be testing the flok app (distribution layer ) with the Tokenization layer due to launch in

On the distribution layer, Flok allows creators to create what we call the Flok digiverse, a
customizable distribution channel that allows creators the flexibility of distributing in multiple
formats. Each Flok Digiverse is:
● Customizable: It allows creators to distribute content in some or all of six formats i.e.
Newsletters, E-books, Audio, Video, Live Audio & Live Video. Depending on the creator
and the channels they usually use to communicate with their community, a creator could
choose to use some or all six of their distribution channels.

● Monetizable: There are two types of Flok digiverses, premium and standard digiverses.
Premium digiverses are paywalled with subscriptions (much like onlyfans) and users can
get access to all the content in the digiverse after they pay their subscription. Standard
digiverses are free to access but the creator may choose to monetize individual
components ( For example, a creator may choose to distribute their audio and video for
free but monetize live streams or vice versa).

● Collaborative: More than one creator can collaborate to own a digiverse, with revenues
split between creators the way they decide.

For users, the Flok digiverse is a simple way to organize all your favorite content from your
creators in a way that is efficient for you. Imagine a church goer, without the Flok digiverse,
they’d probably need to view live streams on YouTube/Facebook, audio livestream on mixlr, e-books on okada (or similar distribution platform), newsletters in their email app, audio and video
on YouTube. With the Flok digiverse, they’d be able to access all these contents in one digiverse
but beyond that they’d be able to donate and contribute to their church on the app, allowing for
better flexibility and a more immersive experience for users. For creators, the Flok digiverse
offers a centralized distribution and monetization platform that allows for them to extract the
most value for the content they create.

The Tokenization layer would allow users to mint four types of community tokens (NFTs)
● Access Tokens: These are NFTs that allow users to access exclusive content on the Flok
app as decided by the creator. For example, holders of Ayra’s NFTs would be able to
watch a live studio session of her on Flok, or get access to exclusive content (audio,
video, newsletter, etc). This allows creators to effectively airdrop content to community

● Content Tokens: These are content on the Flok app that are turned into NFTs. For
instance, the livestream of a concert, e-sport game or sports game can be fractionalized
into hundreds of Video NFTs that are a few seconds long each and distributed to
community members. Content Tokens allow for community members to own a piece of
history that is of sentimental value to them.

● Ownership Tokens: This allows creators to represent ownership in a body of work with
NFTs. For instance, a musician or a filmmaker can issue NFTs representing a share in a
body of work yet to be released. Holders of the NFTs are airdropped the agreed revenue
in crypto when the content is eventually launched and monetized. This allows for
musicians and filmmakers to raise money from projects from their fans and share their
success with their fans, leading to a more engaged audience.

● Casual Tokens: These are NFT projects/collections launched by digital artists on the Flok
marketplace with no connection to the Flok digiverse.

It is important to note that a community token can be a hybrid of any of these. Example an
ownership token can also be an access token.

What are Flok Cowries ?

A Flok cowry is an in-app virtual currency (not a crypto currency ) that allows users to perform
transactions on the platform. Users buy Flok cowries then proceed to buy content from their
favorite creators using the Flok cowries.
1 Flok Cowry = 1 US Cent

The Flok cowry allows for fractionalization (for instance, a user can sell an article in a newsletter
on a standard digiverse for 20 cowries (20 cents), allowing for creators to start monetizing early
with as low a barrier as possible. The Flok cowry also allows us to bypass the inefficiencies of
the Apple pay system.

Why did we build Flok?

The simple answer to this would be that we want to put a lot more money into the pockets of
creatives anywhere in the world. There is nothing as common as a broke creative. Flok intends
to change that by simplifying distribution, creating an environment for better engagement and
allowing creators co-create and co-own prosperity with their communities.
Nigeria’s biggest creators, the musicians, are just breaking into the global scene and
establishing dominance. Flok would build the technology that allows the next wave of African
creators ( From filmmaking to animation to Esports) to become globally significant creators,
allowing for them to create a lot of value both home, abroad and most importantly, for

What are you testing for?

We want the Flok app to engender a deeper connection between creators and their community.
We want users to have an immersive experience when they read, listen to or watch something
on flok. We want you to tell us how the app can provide an even better experience for your
content consumption. We want feedback on how we can make the app more seamless for
users, improve user experience, improve user interface and what additional features you may
need to enrich the quality of your experience.

Now after I was told about Flok I wasn’t really sold on the idea until they hit me with this, as a Streamer/Esports Brand Influencer/Community Manger or Owner you can stream a game or a tournament that you host, fraction that stream and sell as NFT…..I know right, minds blown just like mine was, so head on to Flok ( and join the waitlist.

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