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International Esports Federation Announces 6 Games for Players to Enrol in

international esports federation

The International Esports Federation has approved six game titles to be featured in the 2022 World Esports competition. These games include CS: GO, Dota 2, Tekken 7, eFootballTM series which would feature as usual in the 14th edition this year and Mobile titles PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, which would be included for the first time this year.

The International Esports Federation is a unifying body for global esports. It was founded in 2009 by nine-member nations and currently has over one hundred and one member nations across five continents. It aims to unite all Esports stakeholders to achieve the development of sustainable and credible gaming globally.

international esports federation

The IESF Esports World Championship is the biggest event with numerous exhibitions of Esports worldwide. The IESF also organizes the annual Global Esports Executive Summit to provide support to the highest standard of Esports governance globally.

Over 120 countries are anticipated to participate in IESF’s flagship event with Bali, Indonesia set to host the 2022 WE Championships Finals, which will take place from 27 November to 9 December. The addition of these six games aims to support, unite and promote Esports relations among nations, this year would also feature the first CS: GO female tournament.

Registration will kick off for National Federations on Sunday, 20th of February on IESF’s new platform. The qualification requirements will include PC, mobile and console games.

According to the International Esports Federation General Secretary, Boban Totovski “The IESF looks forward to the launch of the qualification process to provide athletes from all over the world the opportunity to participate in the largest international Esports competition where they can represent their nations.”

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