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Lagos State Government Commits To Explore Gaming in Driving Development.


Nigeria, a land brimming with natural resources and a booming population that has positioned it as Africa’s giant is poised to become a major force in the gaming industry.

Lagos state, a pulsating megacity on Nigeria’s coast, embodies Africa’s energetic spirit. It’s a powerhouse of commerce, finance, and culture, constantly buzzing with entrepreneurial energy.  Nigeria’s gaming industry is experiencing significant growth, and Lagos, as a major commercial center, is well-positioned to capitalize on this. The city of Lagos offers a glimpse into a future where Africa asserts itself on the global stage.

Lagos State has shown interest in developing the gaming industry as a driver of economic and social growth. This aligns with a broader trend of African nations recognizing the potential of the gaming sector. 

Lagos State And Gaming

In 2022, Lagos state government partnered with France to develop esports within the state, suggesting a strategic push towards competitive gaming. Compared to other Nigerian states, the city has a more progressive stance towards gaming regulations.

The current gaming laws in Lagos are considered more accommodating towards the gaming sector compared to federal regulations, this makes it an attractive location for gaming companies like The Nexal Gaming Company, Gamr Africa, and Africacomicade, among others.

Lagos also hosts several gaming events throughout the year. One popular event is the Lagos Comic Con, which celebrates not only gaming but also comics, animation, and pop culture. Another event is the Lagos Esports Forum, where gamers and industry professionals come together to discuss the future of esports in Nigeria. 

In addition to Lagos Comic Con and Lagos Esports Forum, there are other popular gaming events in Lagos. One of them is Africa Gaming Expo, which showcases the latest games, gaming technology, and hosts tournaments. Another event is Gamr X, which focuses on the gaming industry as a whole, including game development, esports, and gaming culture. These events attract gaming enthusiasts from all over Lagos and beyond.

These developments signal Lagos’s potential to become a significant player in the African gaming industry. 

In a statement by the Governor of Lagos State, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, at the African Gaming Expo 2024 in Victoria Island, he expressed his commitment to explore the potential of gaming alongside tourism and entertainment in Lagos to drive social and economic development in the country.

He mentioned that the gaming expo aligned with the state government’s agenda.

In his words;

“It will also provide a unique opportunity to review the present industry practices against global best standards and chart a new course for the future of the gaming market in Africa, which is currently estimated at $7.8 billion.”

“For us in Lagos State, as an emerging smart city, the sub-theme of the Expo – ‘Entertainment, Gaming and Tourism: A Nexus for Economic Growth’ would appear more germane as it speaks to the integral part of the state’s economic agenda and priorities.”

“Lagos, known for its commercial and political grandeur, is regarded as the commercial and entertainment capital of Africa and has remained committed to the development of the nation’s tourism sector. This is through entertainment and cultural export across various entities like movie, music, fashion and recently gaming.”

Overall, Lagos State appears to be taking great steps to position itself as a leader in the African gaming industry.

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