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RNK emerges victorious in mlnl s3 tournament


After weeks of intense gameplays and matchmaking between the eight participating squads, Reap n’ Kill have been able to mark their names as the winners of Mobile Legends Nigeria League Season 3 tournament finishing ahead of Saviours Esports and Shinigami, which finished second and third place respectively. It was a tough and closely decided tournament, but RNK were able to secure the crown.


Reap n Kill (RNK) is a top professional Mobile Legends squad in Nigeria and also one of the most popular. RNK boasts of many titles and achievements to their name as well as exceptional, dedicated and professional players.

Recall that RNK promised to win the MLNL S3 title, and they were able to fulfill their promise. Reap and Kill would also be going home with the grand prize of Thirty Thousand Naira (N30,000) as they were able to win in a well deserved victory despite all odds.

As this season draws to a thrilling end, one can only imagine what the next season holds for us.

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