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upcoming squads in Mobile Legends Nigeria


We were able to catch a glimpse of some of the most formidable squads in Nigeria in the just concluded Mobile Legends Nigerian League Season 3 which brought the season to a satisfying end. But while we are aware of the top professional squads, the new season greeted us with new and upcoming squads. This new season came with many new squads as well as revamped squads ,some seeking to make a name for themselves and some seeking redemption. Prior to the exemplary achievements left by the top squads in MLNL s3, we have seen extraordinary efforts and diligence by some of these new and revamped squads as they also gear up for the weekend tournaments which are fast approaching. We will be looking at these top upcoming squads with promising potentials, as many of these squads have intensified their efforts in the hopes to dominate in the upcoming tournament and a chance to make it to stardom and glory. Here are the top upcoming squads with potentials so far

1. Legion Esports ( LGN ) : Legion Esports is certainly a squad that has seen better days. Once upon a time , Legion Esports was a feared and respected professional side ranked amongst the top 3 during their briefly spent glorious days. Everything fell apart when some of their core and top players quitted the squad which led to the irremediable downfall of the squad. Although the squad can never be the same again, the squad is finally getting back on the right track as some dedicated members stayed back to build the squad. Legion Esports remains hopeful of their future as they are looking forward to participate in the next MLN tournaments.


2. Undead Alliance ( UND ) : With renewed and impactful efforts from the leadership of Undead Alliance, Undead Alliance has upped their gameplay as they are gradually gaining grounds. With a dedicated handful of top players and expertise by their side , nothing is stopping Undead Alliance from going places especially with their new lineup.


3. Soul Society : Although they were completely missing from the previous season, Soul Society is a squad which is based off the anime series , Bleach as well as its players name and squad tags, also similar to the top side, Akatsuki. With so much progress made by Soul Society so far and their intensified efforts and training, Soul Society are ready to get a name for themselves as they look forward to participating in upcoming Mobile Legends Nigeria events.

4. Realm of Kings : After officially merging and rebranding, Realm of Kings have stepped up their game as they are quickly diversifying their gameplay and hero pools, With unrelenting determination, hardwork and dedication, they aim to fight their way to the top as they are looking forward to participate in the upcoming weekend tourney.

Realm of Kings

Only time can tell how far these dedicated and upcoming squads will go, would their unwavering efforts make them or eventually break them as everyone is competing for glory with high hopes

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